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Our Services

We provide a service to complement your press cuttings service. We keep a watch on blogs, newsgroups, social networks, discussion forums and chatrooms for any mention of your organisation that is likely to be read by someone else, and have an impact on your reputation, saving you the trouble of wading through thousands of irrelevant web mentions.

Our core service provides bespoke reports that highlight all mentions of the organisation (or your competitors), that allow you to pick up new trends, to identify new issues, and most importantly see how people are reacting to the news. We don't report the news, only the response. Reports can be generated daily, weekly or monthly and provided in whatever format suits you.

UKNetMonitor also provides analysis of shifts in reputational focus, and opinion, as well as advice on how best to respond to bloggers and hate sites. At times of crisis, or when an understanding of public reaction is needed quickly, such as product launches, we can provide an instant litmus test of opinion on the web.

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