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Who uses us

Knowing what people are writing and reading about your organisation is essential for anyone concerned with managing reputation, who wants to know how products and services are perceived, or needs to understand whether their communications are working effectively.

Our clients include companies such as Asda, BSkyB, Saga, The AA, Anglo-American and Telefonica O2. Professionals in a wide range of disciplines are increasingly finding net monitoring of value:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Health, safety & environmental
  • Internal communications
  • Compliance
  • Corporate communications
  • Government & industry regulators
  • Financial analysts
  • Customer services
  • Due diligence
  • Employee relations
  • Brand development
  • Public relations
  • Quality improvement
  • Business development
  • Public affairs
  • Policy & campaigning
  • Risk managers

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Rio Tinto

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